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Going Outside? Here’s What You Need to Know
Federal stay-at-home guidelines for the United States have been extended until April 30, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself at home forever. In fact, most health advisors recommend spending 20 minutes to an hour outside...
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7 Creative Ways to Use Your Dry Bag
Every once in a while, we’ll get to read about some pretty unique ways that our customers make the most out of their earth pak gear. Need some tips on how to utilize your dry bag for everyday activities? Here are some creative ways that you can use your dry bag!
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Holiday Travel: Tips to Survive the Busy Travel Season
Despite what you think, there are still ways to find some joy in holiday travel this season. Whether it’s preparing in advance for unpredictable weather or making sure you pack light (and right) for your trip back home, here are some of our team’s holiday travel tips to make sure you don’t turn into Ebenezer Scrooge this season!
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