3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dry Bag

There’s nothing wrong with putting your gear through the ruggedness of the outdoors. While all of our dry bags are made to last with our Adventure Guarantee, there are just some things you should always keep in mind to maintain and extend the durability of your gear! Here are our top 3 tips for taking care of your Earth Pak dry bag.

1. Don’t get solvents such as sunscreen or bug spray directly on your dry bag

If you’re taking your dry bag outdoors, chances are you’re probably going to be carrying a bottle of sunscreen or bug spray in it. Keep in mind this one rule–try to prevent all solvents from making direct contact with your dry bag. The ingredients in these liquids can sometimes react with the material of your dry bag, causing flaws to the exterior. If contact does occur, rinse off or wash your dry bag by following our second tip!

2. Rinse off or wash your dry bag to remove buildup

If your bag went through quite the adventure, you can always scrub your dry bag with gentle dishwashing soap and water to clean it off. The amount of scrubbing and water you use is more important than soap in flushing bacteria and other food particles that can accumulate over time on your bag. If your dry bag has extra gnarly stains or smells, you can use baking powder with white vinegar directly on the area–this solution will neutralize the scent of the material. After washing your dry bag, always dry it off with a towel by letting it air dry standing up, on a raised area, with good air flow.

3. Don’t store your dry bag directly under the sun for long periods of time 

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your dry bag under the sun (after all, it’s meant for those sunny days by the water)! However, like anything that’s colored, it’s important to not store your dry bag for long periods of time under the sun or in hot areas where it can heat up and fade over time. Room temperature is always recommended.

Got any other tips for taking care of your dry bag? Share them with us below!


  • Kathleen Turner

    Perfect! Love the product. Fast shipping. Beautiful bag. An additional bonus: the orange color coordinates with my Oru Bay ST. Will order more!

  • Dalton Holeman

    This product and company are both amazing… the company quickly, and helpfully responds to any question or issues. The bags are super well built and beautiful

  • Russ

    Great product! Next will be to size up or perhaps a duffel

  • Jennifer

    Fast delivery and beautiful bag. I will be ordering a few more. Thanks 🙂❤️

  • Chris Forsythe

    Great product for a great price. My fiancé and I have three different size bags now. Fast delivery, each bag came with a separate little phone size bag. We are picky and love this product. Thumbs up.

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