Holiday Travel: Tips to Survive the Busy Travel Season

Holiday Travel: Tips to Survive the Busy Travel Season

Despite what you think, there are still ways to find some joy in holiday travel this season. Whether it’s preparing in advance for unpredictable weather or making sure you pack light (and right) for your trip back home, here are some of our team’s holiday travel tips to make sure you don’t turn into Ebenezer Scrooge.

Prepare for unexpected weather

If you’re traveling across coasts or even internationally, you may be experiencing dramatic weather changes -- for example, California sunshine to New York snow, or winter in the United States to summer in Australia! Luckily, our waterproof bags are approved for all weather conditions (whether snow or beach)!

Lay out all the gear you plan on packing

Minimalism is the best when packing, especially during the holidays where baggage can easily get lost and put a damper on your festivities. Be simple and opt for an easy carry-on duffel or bag, bringing only the essentials with you. Do you always forget items when you travel? To make sure you don’t miss anything, we recommend creating a “gear spread” and laying everything flat on your bed or floor so you know exactly what you’re bringing, what’s missing, and what you can take out.

Ship gifts to your destination

If you’re headed somewhere, consider shipping all of your gifts to where you’ll be celebrating the holiday festivities, instead of lugging them with you while you travel! This way, you won’t have to check in or bring heavy luggage, or even worry about forgetting a package for someone on your list (which we admit, we’ve done plenty of times). Enough companies also offer the option to ship items as gifts, so there isn’t a receipt included in the package.

Don’t sweat the petty

Our most important tip is to not sweat the petty during the holidays. Don’t forget the holidays are all about spending time with family and friends, appreciating everything you’ve been blessed with, and kicking off a fresh, new year! Whether you’re stressed about traveling or just life in general, just remember that no matter what hurdles you’re overcoming, there’s always something to be thankful for and to hold close to your heart during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the earth pak team!

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