7 Creative Ways to Use Your Dry Bag

7 Creative Ways to Use Your Dry Bag

As one of the top sellers of dry bags, we’ve definitely heard our fair share of stories about how our dry bags have helped keep gear dry for camping trips, vacations, and even Vegas pool parties. However, every once in a while we’ll get to read about some pretty unique ways that our customers make the most out of their earth pak gear. Need some tips on how to utilize your dry bag for everyday activities? Here are some creative ways that you can use your dry bag!

1. Gym & Hot Yoga Bag

A gym bag is great, but when you have dirty shoes and clothes that are sweaty and stinky, those odors get trapped in the fabric of your bag over time. One of the best uses we’ve found for our dry bags is for gym workouts and hot yoga sessions. Simply throw in all your sweaty and dirty clothes in your dry bag to separate it from your clean items, take it home, and rinse off your bag afterward to make sure all of those stenches easily get washed away!

2. Laundry Bag

Hate lugging around a heavy basket to the Laundromat? Or, do you have a mesh bag with a ton of holes in it from your heavy laundry loads? Bring something durable, like a dry bag, to the Laundromat! Our 40L and 55L sizes are perfect for storing dirty laundry and offer easy carry with backpack straps. Throw your dirty laundry in, roll up your bag, and keep odors tucked away until you can wash your clothes

3. Workout/Weight

Like to work out while you go camping or travel outdoors? Unfortunately, gyms don’t exist in the wilderness, but you can easily turn your dry bag into a kettlebell to get some lifts in while traveling! Simply add sand, water, or anything inside your dry bag to add weight to it. Since you already know what size your dry bag is (10L and 20L bags are perfect for weights), you can convert liters into the weight that you’re looking for.

4. Work Bag

Do you work in dusty or dirty environments and need something that you can wash down whenever you want? From construction workers to even emergency room doctors – all of these customers use their dry bag as a convenient and easy to rinse off work bag since they deal with dirty/sticky situations on the daily.

5. Electronic/Cable Bag

Since your dry bag obviously keeps items dry, why not use it during the off-season for storing electronics or cables, to ensure that it stays protected from dust, moisture, and more. The durable material of dry bags helps prevent things from poking in, and it’s also convenient to keep all your cables stored in one spot so you’ll know where it is!  Not to mention, you’re obviously keeping all of your electronics protected from any wet conditions.

6. Pillow

Don’t worry about bringing a pillow on your trip. Use your dry bag as an emergency pillow – just fill it up with soft items/air, and rest easy knowing that you packed less and have a comfortable spot to rest your head while outdoors!

7. Fishing & Hunting Bag

If you love hunting and fishing, you know how messy it can be to bring your wins back home. We’ve heard stories from anglers and fisherman who resort to using zip lock bags to store their catches. Instead, use a dry bag to store any fish or meat that you take away from your trip. Since the bag is waterproof, you’ll rest assured knowing that guts or blood isn’t getting on anything. Plus, you can easily sanitize the bag later by spraying it down in the yard or using gentle dishwashing soap. Not to mention – unlike a ziplock bag, you can reuse your dry bag over and over again for future hunting and fishing trips.

Dry bags are relatively inexpensive, so if you want to use yours in some of these creative ways – think about getting several of them!


  • Jennifer

    I wanted a water proof go bag and this one was perfect. Water proof go bag that can float in water. It’s perfect 👌

  • Nicholas Schaffer

    Great for storing your extra gear and leaving at the bag drop-off point before starting a trail race!

  • Craig Stuart

    Don’t tell the Coast Guard but if in a life threatening situation, as a last ditch effort use .bag for flotation in the water.

  • Brian D. Wyllie

    You can take the dirty laundry tip one level further. On a recent kayak trip my buddy added liquid laundry detergent and some water and washed his smelly t-shirts, underwear, etc. in the dry bag! Air dry the clothes and wash out the dry bag. Clean clothes in the “Boonies!”

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