How to Support the Outdoor & Travel Industry Right Now

How to Support the Outdoor & Travel Industry Right Now

We’ve entered a new reality where flights are canceled, borders are closed, and traveling or being outdoors just doesn’t seem like something that’s doable (or even, responsible) at the moment.

But even though COVID-19 has our 2020 travel (and social) plans on pause for now, that doesn’t mean you have to give up that bucket list you’ve been dreaming of. As a family-owned company that’s directly connected to the outdoor and travel industry, we, like you all, can definitely feel the impact of COVID-19. While we know we’re not alone, we remain positive throughout this time and know that together, our entire industry will get through this. Don’t stop the adventures—we’ll see you all when the time is right.

Here are some ways you can support the outdoor and travel industry right now!

Get Inspired

Although we’re all currently practicing social distancing and self-quarantining, staying at home gives you ample time to start thinking about new, amazing places you want to visit when the time comes! When this is all over, we hope you come out of this with a newfound appreciation and gratitude for social experiences and the outdoors. For inspiration on places to visit, head to your favorite social media sites such as Instagram or YouTube.

Consider Using Your Outdoor Products in Different Ways

Just because you’re not outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t find a use or purpose for your outdoor gear. The great thing about outdoor products is that they can be used not just for traveling, but also for other purposes. Consider spending your time indoors organizing all your gear, or using it to create an emergency kit for your household!

Buy Gift Cards

You’ve heard it on the news, read about it on your phones, or are likely experiencing it for yourself—businesses are hurting, and working hard to keep their employees with alternative ways to make a sale. To support different brands in the outdoor and travel industry, consider purchasing a gift card that you can use in the future. You may not need that tent or cooler right now, but when you’re ready to get back out there you’ll be happy you purchased a gift card!

Send Us a Note

Uncertainty is tough to deal with, for both customers and businesses. As a small company, something that keeps us inspired and going are the positive notes and photos that you send us of you all using our products. Whether it’s a fishing trip with your family, a day at the beach, or a life-long bucket list trip, we wake up every morning excited that what we do allows us to be a part of your adventures. The outdoor community is strong, and sending strong, positive vibes to your favorite companies goes a long way during these tough times!

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