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4 Tips to Make Summer Last Forever

August is here and just like us, we’re sure most of you are trying to squeeze what’s left out of the summer months. While our team is fortunate enough to have beautiful Southern California weather year-round, we know that “The Endless Summer” is still attainable...

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Descending Down Cassidy Arch, Utah:
"Canyons tend to destroy things."

Utah’s one of those places that you can visit without a plan, and you'll be completely fine. Pack your bags, take a road trip, and head to one of Utah’s mesmerizing canyonlands with nothing but food and water – and we promise you'll be good. For photographer Mitch McKee, this was exactly the case for him this past week, where he spent this time roaming around Utah...

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Non-profit uses dry bags to transport laptops to indigenous schools in Central and South America

Ted Hein of Repurpose-IT.org had one of the most inspirational “around the globe” stories to share with the earth pak team. His journey with earth pak first began when he used one of our 20L dry bags to fit 6 laptops inside of it, to transport technology tools to the Embera Drua Village in Panama in 2016.

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