Worry Less, Paddle More: The Health Benefits of Paddling

Worry Less, Paddle More: The Health Benefits of Paddling

Our paddling revelation

One of the most stressful moments we’ve had this summer was when most of our inventory was out of stock, and we had a ton of pre-orders that couldn’t be fulfilled on time due to shipment delays from our carrier.  

Like most things in life, things eventually ended up working out – and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as we thought it was in our heads. Problems always seem scarier when they manifest in your mind, rather than actually face them and create real-life solutions.

However, during this stressful time, we decided to take a moment to disconnect from work and clear our minds. We took a team outing day and went stand up paddle boarding – and when people say worry less, paddle more, there really is some meaning behind that.

Despite all the chaos and worries about the business, paddling at sea was completely therapeutic. We weren’t focused on work, but instead, we were focused on what was exactly in front of us at that moment. We were able to re-connect with a sense of calmness, versus focusing on the problems that we couldn’t fix. We went back to work the next day rejuvenated and less stressed.

Why should you worry less and paddle more? Here’s a roundup of the benefits that you can receive from kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more.

1. A Clear Mind

Whether you’re kayaking, canoeing, or paddling on a stand-up board, one of the biggest pros about just paddling overall is that you don’t need a partner or someone to compete against. This allows you to enjoy an individual, silent, and non-competitive sport that clears your mind without any distractions. The concept of paddling and performing methodical movements also allows you to experience “meditation in motion” for your body. Not to mention, by being in the water, you’re placed in a meditative environment that relaxes you; all you have to worry in the moment is the water that’s right in front of you.

2. Tons of Exercise

Overall, paddling allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase muscle strength. Depending on how difficult you plan to make your paddling adventure, you’ll definitely be burning calories by being in a consistent motion that gets your heart beating. You’ll be strengthening not just your arms, but also your core, back and shoulder muscles. Keeping in mind the theme of “worry less, paddle more,” paddling is also a simple exercise that reconnects you to the present moment and lifts your mood and spirit by decreasing stress and increasing endorphins.

3. More Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels have been linked to some serious health conditions including depression, muscle weakness, and osteoporosis. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 40% of American adults have a vitamin D deficiency. One of the best ways to improve your vitamin D levels is to expose your skin to sunlight for 10-15 minutes, then apply waterproof sunscreen to avoid sunburns. During paddling activities such as kayaking and canoeing, you are exposing yourself to just the right amount of sunlight during your activity, depending on the time of day. This is an easy way to get your vitamin D while staying somewhat cool by being in the water!

This is just a small glimpse into the benefits of paddling on a kayak, stand up paddleboard, or canoe. The best way to experience the health benefits? Go out there and try it for yourself!

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  • Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining how paddling can help with cardiovascular fitness. I’ve been thinking about taking my family canoeing before the weather starts to get cooler. It seems like it could be a fun, healthy experience for everyone. https://indianheadcanoes.com/river-trips/delaware-river-canoeing/

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