What to Do With Your Dry Bags During Fall

What to Do With Your Dry Bags During Fall

Fall’s here but that doesn’t mean you should pack away your summer gear just yet — including your dry bags! Wondering how you can put it to maximum use this upcoming season? Here are a few tips from our earth pak followers on how they use their dry bag during the cooler autumn season.

1. Hunting & Fishing

Are you one of the many outdoors people that are counting down the days until opening day? Don’t worry, it’s either already arrived or is almost here for many of you — but be sure to bring your dry bag along. Using an OD green, brown, or camouflage color is best and will keep all your gear dry in wet and muddy conditions. Not to mention, you can use it to transport your food, kill kit, and more — then easily clean it off afterward by spraying it with a water hose. It keeps your hunting and fishing messes to a minimum!

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2. Kayaking

Fall is one of the best times to get out there on your kayak, with calm waters and beautiful hues of fall foliage surrounding you. Like any kayak day, you’ll definitely need your dry bag while kayaking during the fall. Especially because if any of your clothes or items get wet, they will dry much slower in the fall than during the warmer summer months — no one likes soggy stuff!

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3. Rainy Days

Of course, with the transition from summer to fall comes more rainy days. Whether you’re out traveling, hunting, or kayaking, you’re bound to run into some unexpected rain. Using your dry bag during fall will always ensure your belongings are safe and sound — and if you travel by bike or motorcycle, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught in a sudden downpour.

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If you’re a true outdoors person, you’re likely going to get out there this fall — and likely will need your dry bags! Don’t pack up all your gear now that autumn is here, keep it around and make use of it with some awesome fall adventures. How do you use your dry bags during fall? 

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