Product Size & Weight Guide

Wondering which size bag to get or whether our gear will fit in your mode of transportation? Check out our sizing guide below for all of our products! 

Please Note: The volume will vary depending on how many times each bag is rolled down. When unrolled, each bag will exceed the advertised volume.

Original Dry Bag

Sizing options original dry bag 10L & 20L

Sizing options Original Dry Bag 30L, 40L, 55L

Torrent Dry Bag

Sizing options for the Torrent Dry Bag

Summit Dry Bag Backpack

Sizing options for Summit Dry Bag Backpack

Viewpoint Dry Bag

Sizing options for Viewpoint Dry Bag

Voyager Duffel Bag

Sizing options for Voyager duffel bag - 50L, 70L, 90L, 120L

Loch Series 20 Can Soft Cooler

Dimensions for 20 can loch series cooler

Loch Series 35 Can Cooler Backpack

Dimensions for 24 can and 35 can Loch Series Cooler Backpack