50 Things We Can’t Wait to Do After Quarantine

We’re a month (or more) into the country’s COVID-19 stay at home orders, and we’ve had a lot of time to think about what we miss the most about being outdoors.

There’s one thing we realized: we really miss the simple things!

  1. Hug someone
  2. Laugh at a bar with friends
  3. Swim in the ocean
  4. Go camping
  5. Eat in a restaurant
  6. Talk to the neighbors in person
  7. Get a haircut
  8. Shake someone’s hand
  9. Give a high-five
  10. Sing at an outdoor concert
  11. Take a yoga class
  12. Work out at a studio or gym
  13. Picnic, swim and spend a day by the lake
  14. Celebrate a birthday
  15. Hike on a public trail
  16. Sit in a coffee shop
  17. Visit a National Park
  18. Take a weekend getaway
  19. Play basketball (or any sport) with a group of friends
  20. Get ready to leave for work
  21. Stay in a hotel, inn, or Airbnb
  22. Cheer for our favorite sports team once they’re back
  23. Ride an Uber/Lyft/taxi
  24. Go shopping at a store
  25. Sit in a classroom
  26. Get a mani/pedi
  27. Take a road trip with friends
  28. Clock out and head to happy hour with co-workers
  29. Have margaritas during Taco Tuesday
  30. Dance at a wedding
  31. Read in a public library
  32. Drink coffee, tea, or mimosas during Sunday brunch
  33. Go to a place of worship (church, temple, etc.)
  34. Play at a playground
  35. Explore a greenhouse and buy some plants
  36. Take the kids to school, and pick them up
  37. Put away our masks
  38. Sit in a crowd
  39. Visit a relative in the hospital
  40. Get teeth cleaning
  41. Take our pup to the dog park
  42. Go to an event
  43. Take public transportation
  44. Stroll freely through a grocery store
  45. Work at an office or co-working space
  46. Pack a lunch for work, school, or wherever we’re headed
  47. Experience a “9-5” life again
  48. Watch a movie in the theater
  49. Run errands freely
  50. Feel a sense of normalcy and routine once again 

Let us know what you can’t wait to do after this is all over in a comment below! 

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