Wholesale / Partnerships / Collaboration

Want to Partner with Earth Pak or Sell Our Products?

Our mission is to bring to market quality products that will help inspire and guide those who are eager to explore, and we’re happy to partner with retailers and businesses that wish to sell our products and/or use our products in co-branding partnership opportunities:

    • Domestic or international wholesalers/retailers
    • Entrepreneurs such as social media influencers, personal trainers, coaches/instructors, photographers, tour guides
    • Businesses in industries such as watersports, photography, outdoor, travel, fishing, and more
    • Groups/Organization in emergency services (police/lifeguard/firefighter), outdoor clubs (hiking/fishing/kayaking), sports teams (beach/swim/sailing/fishing), training programs (survival/rescue/trade), volunteer groups (charity/missionary/relief)
    • Subscription boxes
    • Corporate gifts
    • ...and more!

The Earth Pak Partnership Promise

Here at Earth Pak, we love to work with companies and brands that share similar values as us, have a purposeful vision, and are eager to provide products and services to customers with professionalism and integrity.

If you have the same core values as us and find that our products fit your individual or business needs, feel free to reach out to us via email at hello@earthpak.com with the subject line: [Your Company Name] & Earth Pak

Any unauthorized sale of Earth Pak products on Amazon, eBay, or similar marketplace website is not permitted and subject to legal action.